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Happy ending of Happy Endings

Happy ending of Happy Endings
The gatekeeper's reaction was a reflection of the eternal hope of the Indian moviegoer, that no matter what, the hero of a Hindi film will rise above death. Rai's hero eventually doesn't get up, he doesn't even get the girl - not even in his death. But ...
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100 years of Indian cinema: forgotten traditions of Bollywood
When collector's luck hit Rahaab Allana, he barely realised it. The Delhi-based art curator was rummaging through a kabad in Colaba, Mumbai, last year, looking for film memorabilia when he came across an old scrapbook. Scribbled by hand on the cover ...
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Heroes 2013: Rise of the independent films in Indian cinema
Films have grown bigger past year, in everything from budgets to scale of exhibition and distribution. But it was also a year of small films made by a select few who chose to swim against the tide and made films on their own terms, with their own means.
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