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Punjabi Mother Gets Owned by Useless Daughter (Demi Lovato X Factor Spoof)

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Punjabi ReMix Dance.......It's Awesome

Must See It....It's Awesome.....Dance On Punjabi Remix. Song's......
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  1. This funny hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :D 

  2. Lol, that was great :)

  3. This reminds me of Bend it like beckham for some reason

  4. Lol the way she took off her glasses

  5. LOL!!!! 0:13

  6. this is funny! lol, the dad has the funniest bit

  7. I love how you dress up like ur mom and dad it’s awesome

  8. lmfao xD i luff u and all ur videos!! ur so purty ^_^

  9. Hahahahaha this hilarious do not ever stop making videos

  10. DEATH STARE. I get it erryday

  11. to be honest thats how muslim mothers are like too. like O M G. i cant maake a decent unburned unround roti and my mum starts saying everything that is wrong with me. like even the litlest things.. like me not saying ‘asalamualykum’ to her when i wake up. DEATH STARE .me not eating my complete roti. DEATH STARE. me not wearing my hijab right when im going to mosque. DEATH STARE. when i asnwer back or smile when my dad jokes about my mum in an isulting way. i get the DEATH STARE.. not my dad:o

  12. What was this from?

  13. She told You ..

  14. Ready-made tortillas; snap!

  15. do a good mom impression.

  16. I would like it if it was longer but it’s still great

  17. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. death stare……………………

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