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Spinning a disc for the end of the world

Spinning a disc for the end of the world
You could do the same thing with CDs with bonus points for the shuffle function so that even after listening to it for the 100th lovelorn time, you wouldn't be able to guess which song was coming up next. After that, music and dating descended into the ...
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MP3 Album Deal: 'The Best Of Bob Dylan'
You can download the files to your computer to load to an MP3 device and to your iTunes account if you have one. If you'd like to gift these MP3 purchases, you can – just click the “Give album or song as gift” button on the right on the product page ...
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MP3 Album Deal: Van Morrison 'Astral Weeks'
Songs like “Beside You,” the splendid “Sweet Thing,” the jazzy and brass heavy cool strains of “The Way That Young Lovers Do,” and the quiet confidence of “Slim Slow Slider,” are the highlights on an album full of them. Astral Weeks remains an event of ...
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