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What are qualities needed in a married person? – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Talk in Hindi (HD Quality)

What are qualities needed in a married person? - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Talk in Hindi (HD Quality)

What are qualities needed in a married person? - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar answers in Hindi (HD Quality) For more videos in Hindi subscribe to
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. its an inappropriate way of replying some1…u shudnt fall 2 that level.. he does not even know that ther r muslims and other religion ppl already living this knowledge provided by guruji….he does not even know what kind of contribution this swiss bank of love has done 2 ppl around the world and he isnt aware of aols contributions 2 iraq, afghanistan, other east asian muslim dominated countries…is he getting money from iraq, afghanistan 4 doing the work aol has done there

  2. when u havnt met or seen some1 how can u comment on it??…yes i agree hes a swiss bank of pure love, compassion, beauty…if only u cud understand what that person is…anywe i dont blame u…this is ur ignorance…i’d suggest u to research and meet him…then share ur experience

  3. By your rubbish comment u proved that what kind of thinking u have, u r like  f—kg man on this earth. I fill shame that this kind of people living on earth

  4. jai gurude

  5. @ Khan Barkat–1) seems you are well experienced about GAYS!!!
    2). If you can’t draw anything good don’t ever try to utter such Fucking WORDS..
    3). Just wondering if he is been any Fakir baba would you have used the same words?
    4). Know about HIM and then dare to comment!!

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  8. sigh.. subtitles please

  9. Mast movie :) worth to watch it



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  15. love this movie

  16. OMG! Milan!!! I have been in this square of Cathedral in new year eve :) lovely
    [Tu mera]

  17. This movie sucked big time. Could stand only 20 minutes of it. Not the uploader fault, he’s done a good job- good print etc.

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